Breeding Charter

(approved by Commitee on January 29, 2011)

The member up to date with his dues to ABNF who signed the Charter, undertakes to respect all points, allowing him to acquire the quality Signatory of the Charter of the ABNF " and, if breeder, appear as "Recommended Breeder" on the list of "Puppies Placement Service" distributed to all applicants.
The commitment takes effect from the date of receipt of the signed form. In case of breach of the commitments of the breeder, the Club will decide on the convenience of his removal from the list of signatories and benefits associated with them.
The Club accepts no responsibility for any problem that could occur with a signatory of the Charter, his role on this point beeing only informative. In particular, the transfer prices remain a matter for sellers and buyers.
Commitment for all signatories :

  • be present at least either at the National d\'Elevage, either at 2 "Regionale d\'Elevage" or "Speciale de race" each year.
  • stud dogs are free of APR (examination under 2 years) and screened for Degenerative myelopathy (Saarloos Wolf Dog)
  • stud dogs are declared not injured with PRA by the genetic test (Schapendoes)
  • stud dogs are X-rayed for hip dysplasia (A or B accepted according to formal protocol for the Dutch Shepherds)
  • these dogs will be coupled only with other dogs tested according to the standards of ABNF
  • declare his livestock on the site of the ABNF
Commitment for Breeders (from the first litter):
  • Minimum age for Sales: 8 weeks past.
  • Sales certificate required.
  • tattoo or microchip mandatory, regardless of age starting puppy.
    (These 3 conditions are legal obligations in France)
  • Primary vaccination at least CHP conducted at 7 weeks, deworming protocol followed.
  • registration of all puppies in a stud-book recognized by the FCI.
  • not buying puppies for resale.
  • prohibition of sale to laboratories.
    (These last three obligations are valid regardless of race, for the signatory and any person living at the same address.)
  • forward to the club contact buyers after obtaining their agreement.
  • provide advice and monitoring to bring up puppy.
  • puppies will be breeded in hygienic conditions and social development.
  • keep informed about developments in health and morphological defects

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