Mr Saarloos which particularly was interested in genetic had a practical approach by crossing a European wolf from ROTTERDAM's zoo, FLEUR, with a German Shepherd, GERARD VAN FRANSENUM in order to improve physical resistance of the German Shepherd breed. He persisted in making dog-wolf a dog utility, tracking and rescue.
But when he died (1969), nobody works toward this selection to get a dog to work and it took years for make sociable dogs from wolves.
Now Saarloos Wolfhound is a dog company destinated to sporting and available master, especially during the first years in order to socialize him, to teach him from unknown situations : city life, travel by car ...
At home it is a dog of confidence, affectionate, attentive, cautious and suspicious against foreigners, he inherits this from the wolf. To succeed the couple master / Saarloos, we must learn through readings on the behavior of the wolf. It is a peaceful dog with its congeners of all breeds.
His appearance and his gait wolf give it an imposing and deterrent appearance without being a watch dog.
His health is no problem, provided that he has enough space and he can take exercise. In France the first specimens make their appearance in 1989.
The breed fans have come together in the BERGERS HOLLANDAIS CLUB DE FRANCE, breed club which supports all breeds of dogs shepherds from Holland.


Adoptés par la SCC le 12/11/98
NB: These points are deemed sufficiently serious defects to remove the dog from breeding.
  • Manque de type (insuffisance de caractères ethniques, qui fait que l'animal dans son ensemble ne ressemble plus suffisamment a ses congénères de la même race).
  • Taille non comprise dans les limites du standard, avec une tolérance de 2 cm pour la taille maximum.
  • Crâne trop bombé.
  • Queue enroulée ou trop courte.
  • Poils ondulés sur la majeure partie du corps.
  • Yeux bruns très foncés.
  • Monorchidie, cryptorchidie.
  • Prognathisme supérieur ou inférieur.
  • Toute dent manquante autre que PC 1.

Health of Saarloos Wolfdog

When one acquires a puppy "Saarloos", make sure that the breeder did his selection work
. Indeed the breed is the target of some diseases and hereditary defects. For the most part, there are now genetic tests, and a responsible breeder will not produce dog may be sick.
We must therefore ensure that parents are screened for Degenerative Myelopathy, Pituitary Dwarfism and the Progressive Retinal Atrophy (see FAQ).

The Saarloos Wolfdog does not pose any special problem during its growth as it gets - not excessively -. quality food for its age and its activity

To adulthood, it will be important to give it exercise to keep it healthy.

Maintenance of Saarloos

The Saarloos wolfdog does not need any special maintenance. It is often said of him, rightly, that it is self-cleaning, and it is true that his hair does not retain stains or odors and it never tangle. A weekly or monthly brushing, will be good enough throughout the year to keep its supple and shiny coat.

By moulting period, which occurs twice a year, it will increase to daily brushing. The moult takes between two and three weeks, and is quite spectacular.
Washing with water and shampoo mixes to be reserved messy rides: Saarloos like all dogs have a strong attraction to noxious odors, and love to roll shamelessly in anything that smells very strong. We also do not forget to rinse off after a swim in the sea, the salt is irritating to the skin.

The ears will be inspected weekly and cleaned if necessary with a tissue. Do not hesitate to go deep enough, the tympanums are very far from the pavilion.
For teeth, give two to three times per month real bones (femurs beef raw or smoked), or anti-tartar chew-bone.

The beauty shows do not require special grooming. If a bath is sometimes necessary (a dog that smells bad at exhibition start with disabilities), it will be given several days before day D in order to prevent the hair is too soft and too bright: The Saarloos is not a salon dog, a too dressed aspect will reduce its lupoid side.
Proper brushing will usually suffice to remove the dead hair and to give some volume.

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