The Berger Hollandais Club de France was created in 1990 under the leadership of Robert and Marc RUDLOFF.
Created primarily to manage the race "Dutch shepherd", he was entrusted with the management of "Saarloos Wolfdog" and "Schapendoes." It then took the name Bergers Hollandais Club de France.
The Extraordinary General Meeting convoked September 19, 2015 voted the change in name of the association. The new name is now Association des Bergers Néerlandais de France.
The A.B.N.F. is an association under the 1901 french law, affiliated to the "Societe Centrale Canine" (S.C.C.).
Its mission is the management and improvement of the three breeds that it have been entrusted. To carry out its mission, the A.B.N.F. publishes a newsletter distributed free to its members, organizes an annual "Nationale d'Elevage", exhibitions "Speciale de race" and one or more "Regionale d'Elevage".
The club has also prepared for each breed a grid of selection based on Tests of Character (TC) and Test of Working Ability (TAT) for Dutch Shepherds.
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